I am looking to buy a 70D DSLR canon Camera. Can u find best price and if there are any coupons available

    "action": "searchpricesandrelatedcoupons",
    "Product": "70D DSLR canon Camera"

Can u send my doctor my ECG data from today

    "action": "send.ecg",
    "to": "Doctor Office"

Is there health remedy for sore throat

    "action": "health.remedy",
    "to": "Doctor Office"

Please help me find the best Italian restaurant nearby.

    "action": "poi.search",
    "type": "restaurant",
    "cuisine": "Italian",
    "location": "current"

Set Turn on Toothbrush in circular motion

    "action": "toothpaste.setmotion",
    "circular": "1"

Hey GetOnDemand. I want to take a flight from San Jose to Las Vegas going tomorrow

    "action": "Flight.get",
    "departure_location": "San Jose",
    "arrival_location": "Las Vegas",
    "date": "2017-09-02"

Artificial Intelligence based Chatbots easier

Simplifying the world with intelligent layer to everything. GetOnDemand now can be easy-to-author chatbot with Natural Language Processing and an intuitive conversation engine.Domain based integration for specific domains.Provides one click integration with FaceBook, Alexa, Twitter ,Skype and Twilio.

Platforms using GetOnDemand

Create easy chatbots for any category such as Travel, Shopping, Health, Personal Assistant....


Machine Learning

This Natural Language Processing platform powered by big data (solr, spark) -Scales itself with the conversation and learning experiences.


Predefined domains to make it intelligent with specific domains. Some of the domains are- Smart Chat, Shopping, Travel, Health, Weather and much more.


Easy integrations with Alexa, FaceBook, Twilio, SMS, Skype OR any platform such as cortana or website from webhook.

Integration Spotlight

Twilio SMS

Build an intelligent chatbot for teams. Launch immediately with our one click integration or host it on your own server.

Facebook Messenger

Build a conversational bot for Facebook users. Deploy with our one-click integration or host it on your own server.


Our Alexa integration feature allows you to export your agent as Amazon(c) Alexa compatible files, which include Intent Schema and Utterances.


GetonDemand Skype Integration allows you to easily create Skype bots with natural language understanding based on the GetonDemand technology

Get in touch with us

Shoot us an email founders: info@getondemand.us